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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our Content Management Systems give you the power to update your website whenever you want!

Websites, by their very nature, will change and develop over time. Information, offers, services and features will constantly change. We understand that making changes to websites is often a daily task. This is why we offer easy to use Content Management Systems to make the whole process hassle free.

Many businesses will pay a third party company significant amounts of money to update the content of websites. This is often an unnecessary and burdensome cost for small and medium sized businesses – a cost that simply cannot be sustained.

At Technonym, we strive to make the life of our clients as easy as possible. Our user-friendly Content Management Systems allow clients to update the content of their websites with absolutely no experience or knowledge of web-based programming.

Easy to navigate menus with several options for updates mean making a change takes a matter of minutes. Our clients manage the day to day changes themselves, however, we’re always here to help, offer advice and give guidance when required.

Updating product catalogues, news, latest offers, blog entries media files and a whole array of variable information is possible with a few clicks of a mouse and simply typing the required information into the interface.

At Technonym, we strive to make things as easy as possible for our clients, leaving them to the important task of running their businesses. Our user-friendly Content Management Systems not only make that possible, they save money too!

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