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Email Marketing Solutions

Our email marketing solutions will maximise the reach and effectiveness of your campaigns with the minimum of effort.

How many times have you received an email address and not done anything with it? Email addresses are valuable pieces of data that, if used correctly, can market your business in a very efficient and cost-effective way.

Many websites will have 'contact us' pages where consumers are asked to submit a question or register for future offers and updates. This information can be compiled and used to conduct very specific marketing campaigns on huge scales.

Too many businesses have thousands of valid and current email addresses simply sitting on hard drives. They can be converted to new customers and increased profitability with the right systems in place – let us show you how.

The idea of clicking the button of a mouse and launching an international marketing campaign, involving thousands of potential customers, is a reality with Technonym. Our team of web developers can tailor sophisticated software packages to automate this process.

Our know-how and second to none customer service mean we can help you to reach thousands of homes with your latest news and offers - in just a second. We can show you how to target specific groups of customers and make your marketing campaign relevant. Our data management software can be integrated into your existing websites and applications – or why not let us provide a complete solution for all your online requirements?

At Technonym, we are always with you at every step of the product development, design and implementation stages. We value your business and will not rest until you have the marketing solution that best suits your business.

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