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Mobile Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutions involving the use of Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), Mobile Internet & Social Media, and Mobile Applications.

The mobile device is now set to rival the laptop and desktop computers as ways of accessing online content. The smart phone is now in millions of pockets all over the world – and this presents huge opportunities for businesses to market their services and goods to the consumers that are likely to become customers. Technonym Computer Services is currently rolling out Mobile Marketing Services to businesses of all varieties – why not let us market you business in this way?

At Technonym Computer Services, our team of highly motivated and experienced software developers will discuss your requirements in detail and strive to gain a full understanding of your business and your customers' profiles. This will allow us to tailor a package that will drive customers to your business through mobile technology.

Imagine, clicking a button to initiate a huge mobile marketing campaign? A campaign could reach thousands of mobiles in just a second, promoting your latest offer or product. We'll be there to give you all the tools you need to do this as well as being there to suggest new and original ways to drive your sales.

Why waste time targeting people who simply won't buy your product. We can show you how to single out only those people who have the potential to become customers of the future. Our Mobile Marketing Solutions are not only 'out of the box' packages. They come in many different forms and can be developed from scratch, meaning you get the service that suits your business and your offer stands out from that of your competitors.

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