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Mobile Website Development

Mobile-optimised Web Solutions with a unified experience across all mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets.

The world is getting mobile and business needs to keep up. At Technonym, we can make sure customers visiting your website on mobile devices get a rich and rewarding browsing experience.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of people accessing the internet via a mobile device. While this is obviously great news for the World Wide Web, businesses are not always quick to keep up with this growing trend.

Too often, web users – your customers – are forced to view websites, designed for desktop computers, on screens of less than 4 inches. Web pages viewed in this way can look distorted and important information can be lost.

As well as the appearance and content of your web page, browsers may be put off from giving you their business if your page looks unprofessional and half finished. Remember, a customer's first impression of many companies is a website these days – Technonym has the answer.

Mobile Website Development allows for the effective and seamless viewing of a website on a mobile device. Formatting, layout and content are all adjusted automatically for the browser, meaning your offer gets to the customer. We also have the expertise and know-how to ensure your customers have the simplest experience possible.

Our software automatically recognises the device and browser you're using, delivering the appropriate version of the site to the device being used – the customer has nothing to do other than peruse your fantastic looking web pages. If you want your customers to have the option of viewing the desktop version of the site on a mobile device, that's no problem.

Don't get left behind in the mobile revolution. Let Technonym create a bespoke Mobile Website to maximise your online customer base.

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