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Smart TV Applications

Be among the first to utilise Smart TV technology and let us develop an app that raises the profile of your company.

The recent surge in popularity of Smart TVs has been driven by recent reductions in price. As the price continues to come down rapidly, businesses are becoming more interested in developing applications that will give potential and existing customers a new avenue through which to keep up to date with the latest news, services and offers. Technonym is at the forefront of developing software in this relatively new field.

Apps for Smart TVs perform much the same functions as those for mobile devices. However, they offer consumers the comfort and convenience of browsing online information and facilities while watching their favourite TV shows. This way of using the internet is growing quickly and, it is thought, will one day rival the desktop computer and laptop as a medium for online consumers.

Cable and Satellite TV providers are already offering apps as part of packages, so now is the time to let Technonym develop a user-friendly Smart TV app for your business. Our team of specialists will be on hand to listen to your requirements and talk you through the options.

These applications can feed off a main website, delivering updates on special offers and the latest news directly to your customers in a timely and efficient manner. They can also be developed as stand-alone packages. We have developed hundreds of applications for many types of business, so we'll be there, as always, to offer advice and tailor a bespoke package that suits your requirements.

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